Integrative Retreats aim to provide a range of nourishing experiences that engage the head, hand and heart in a journey towards deeper humanity.
Our multi-disciplinary team draws upon fields of expertise such as: herbal medicine, shamanism, yoga, psychology, traditional skills, nutrition and more – to craft themed retreats which will open doors between aspects of your life that can seem so separate in this busy world.
Whether you want to journey inward to explore your essential self, better understand your relationship with health, or learn how to engage with the physical world in a more meaningful way, Integrative Retreats have a doorway for you.

Refresh & Regenerate Detox Retreat

Sma’ Hame Holiday Cottages, Arbroath

5th – 8th March 2020

Join us for a refreshing & regenerative four-day retreat in the stunning surrounds of Sma’ Hame Holiday Cottages, Angus in Scotland.

The Intention for this bespoke retreat is to create an environment to examine your roadblocks to optimum health and wellness. Through a program of DETOX, SELF-CARE & STRESS REDUCTION techniques, this retreat will provide lasting transformation in your life.

Integrated Wellness Retreat

Eastwood House, Dunkeld, 2019

Attendee Feedback

Do it – you will love it – it’s the best fully immersive, gift you can give to yourself. We laughed, cried, relaxed, ate and laughed – all in the most amazing setting! None of us wanted to leave and I feel we have made many new friends 🙂

Enjoyable, good for enhancing wellbeing, thoughtful content and held safely by knowledgeable and experienced practitioners.

It was a wonderful experience for mind, soul and body delivered by 3 wonderful teachers.

An opportunity to bring back the innocent self belief and principles of the inner child. I actually felt comfortable to release my thoughts, feelings and create new actions to nurture my new life.

Fi teaching breath work that my body can heal further by trusting it to do what it needs and not being resistant to change.

Rhonda for bringing back nature and flow into my life and making me realise I have been ignoring my guides for too long.

Wendy teaching/ reminding me to continue my body nourishment to help compliment the work of the others.

All the practitioners were holding, professional, competent, relaxed & approachable. 10/10 all round!

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