Rhonda McCrimmon

Descended from a line of powerful female healers, Rhonda’s healing work combines shamanism and nature with deep sensitivity and compassion. Her natural awareness and connection with non-ordinary realities enable her to easily access and traverse the shamanic realms, and, with the help of her spiritual allies, provide transformational healing to her clients. Rhonda’s healing practice blends shamanic healing with a deeper understanding of the realities of modern living.

Although born to do healing work, Rhonda came to Shamanism from a different path. Working as a Business Manager, Consultant and Accountant for 13 years across various sectors, Rhonda’s understanding of our challenges in this fast-paced world are many and varied. Rhonda brings heart and soul back into our lives with her deeply authentic connection to the unseen realms and her holding of the larger societal issues we all face.

Rhonda completed a 3-year training with the Centre for Creative Vision in Scotland graduating in 2016. She owns and runs The Centre for Shamanism, a successful online & private practise in Airlie, Scotland.

Wendy Dooner

Wendy has spent the last 17 years in the natural medicine industry and has gathered comprehensive clinical and human experience. She specialises in the treatment and management of chronic disease using a combination of herbal remedies and nutritional supplements with ongoing lifestyle and nutritional support. Wendy owns and runs The Dundee Herbal Clinic Ltd. in Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

Graduating from Napier University in 2005 with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Herbal Medicine she has also undertaken extensive post-graduate professional development to stay at the forefront of the latest research and developments in health and wellness.

Being a wife, mum and business owner, she understands how difficult it can be to juggle your health with demanding careers, families, exercise, socializing and life in general. She creates treatment programs that are achievable, practical and sustainable.

Find out more about Wendy and her work here: dundeeherbalclinic.co.uk

Fi Munro, Ph.D.

Fi is a specialist in helping people to turn their lives around and start living for today. As a global author, multi award winning researcher, award winning blogger and public speaker recognised internationally for her presentations and articles on holistic health she is renowned for inspiring people to change their lives.
Prior to her yoga training, Fi underwent a number of traumas including pregnancy loss, internal bleeding, dying on an operating table, being hit by a car, a physically and emotionally abusive relationship, stage four cancer, multiple organ removal, a colostomy bag, a collapsed lung (twice) and more. She strongly believes that together yoga, meditation and breath work have saved her life and enabled her to heal.
Using the power of these modalities she now specialises in helping her clients to recover following injury, surgery or trauma. In particular she helps her clients to reconnect with their bodies through gentle movement and breath to release trauma, pain and anxiety and begin their healing journey.
She is extremely passionate about the healing power of breath work. Having worked with this practice for a number of years she has witnessed deep healing when people learn how to use their breath to release stuck trauma and emotions.
Find out more about Fi and her amazing story here: https://fkmunro.com/

Joshua Dooner

Josh, our chef, combines a love of cooking with a background in mental health and well-being to nourish all of those around him.
Growing up on the beaches of Sydney, Australia Josh is happiest exploring new places, preparing food then facilitating conversations that will inspire change.  Once completing his apprenticeship Josh travelled to Europe working in a wide range of settings from luxury super yachts in the south of France to an organic vegetarian cafe in Fife, Scotland. 
Returning to Australia Josh couldn’t ignore that what a person ate and their lifestyle was so important for mental health. Josh left the kitchen to study a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours and became an alcohol and other drugs counsellor for adolescents in custody. Josh became proficient using counselling, mindfulness and resilience building techniques to change the lives of his clients. 
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