Refresh & Regenerate Detox Retreat

The intention for this bespoke retreat is to create an environment to examine your roadblocks to optimum health and wellness.

Through a program of DETOX, SELF-CARE & STRESS REDUCTION techniques, this retreat will provide lasting transformation in your life.


This retreat is for you if:

You lead a stressful life and have lost sight of your joy;

You struggle to find any time for yourself and spend your time working and/or caring for others;

Your body is not responding the way it used to;

You struggle with weight and/or self-esteem issues;

You want to THRIVE not just survive.


What to Expect

Nutritious vegan meals to support body detox (all meals included)

3 nights’ accommodation in the stunning Sma’ Hame Cottages (room sharing)

Specially formulated health, wellness and lifestyle activities, talks and workshops (for more info – see below)

Access to various expert practitioners (Medical Herbalist, Yoga with BreathWork Practitioner & Shaman)

Tailored Herbal Detox Tonics

Access to outdoor Hot Tub

Rest & Relaxation time

Arrival from 6 pm Thursday 5th Mar | Check out by 12 pm on Sunday 8th Mar


The Venue

Situated in the heart of the Angus Countryside, Sma’ Hame cottages are the perfect place to make the most of the great outdoors. Located on a family farm in the Heart of Angus we are delighted to welcome you to these beautifully presented properties.

All properties have extensive private gardens with stunning rural views; with Muirfield boasting an outdoor Hot tub and Games room that is available for all participants to use during their stay.


Meet the Team

Wendy Dooner has spent the last 17 years in the natural medicine industry and has gathered comprehensive clinical and human experience. She specialises in the treatment and management of chronic disease using a combination of herbal remedies and nutritional supplements with ongoing lifestyle and nutritional support. Wendy owns and runs the success private practise, The Dundee Herbal Clinic Ltd. in Broughty Ferry, Dundee.

Descended from a line of powerful female healers, Rhonda’s healing work combines shamanism and nature with deep sensitivity and compassion. Her natural awareness and connection with non-ordinary realities enable her to easily access and traverse the shamanic realms, and, with the help of her spiritual allies, provide transformational healing to her clients. Rhonda’s healing practice blends shamanic healing with a deeper understanding of the realities of modern living. Rhonda completed a 3-year training with the Centre for Creative Vision in Scotland graduating in 2016. She owns and runs a successful private practise in Airlie, Scotland. 

Fi Munro, Ph.D. is a specialist in helping people to turn their lives around and start living for today. As a global author, multi award winning researcher, award winning blogger and public speaker recognised internationally for her presentations and articles on holistic health she is renowned for inspiring people to change their lives. Having worked for a number of years for various NHS health boards and the Scottish Government Dr Munro retrained as a fully insured and accredited yoga teacher specialising in ancient yoga techniques, philosophy, meditation and breath work for the holistic benefit of her clients. She is trained in pranayama (‘prana’ meaning ‘life force’ is the Sanskrit word for breath), meditation, adult yoga, children’s yoga, pre and post natal yoga, pregnancy yoga and baby yoga and is able to adapt her classes to any individual needs.

Talks, Workshops & Activities

Wholefood Treats

In this workshop we will be in the kitchen making some delicious, raw treats that nourish the soul. Sweet treats are a sticking point for most of us, it’s easy to head to sugar filled, processed food when we need a little energy or some comfort. This hands-on class is designed to equip you with a handful of easy recipes that we can add to our weekly routine which will continue to nourish long after the retreat is finished.

Herbal Medicine Workshop with Tea Blending

This workshop is all about the importance of detoxification in the body and investigating common health issues that are driven by poor detoxification. We will be learning simple but powerful techniques to enhance your detoxification potential, including blending herbal teas and topical treatments that you can take away and use in the weeks following your retreat

Yoga with Breathwork
Using the power of these modalities Fi specialises in helping her clients to recover following injury, surgery or trauma. In particular she helps her clients to reconnect with their bodies through gentle movement and breath to release trauma, pain and anxiety and begin their healing journey.
Although trained in a number of yoga techniques she uses the guidance of spirit to teach her classes, channeling what is needed a group and individual level for optimal healing and release.
She is extremely passionate about the healing power of breath work. Having worked with this practice for a number of years she has witnessed deep healing when people learn how to use their breath to release stuck trauma and emotions.
She creates a nurturing environment for her classes in which clients feel supported and safe.
Her guiding principles are:
1. Yoga is not about toning the body, but rather about toning the mind and spirit.
2. Yoga isn’t about what the poses look like but rather how they make you feel.
3. Every movement should be nourishing, never painful.
4. True ‘yoga’ begins the moment you step off of your mat and into your life.
5. The most important three gifts you can give your body are movement, stillness and breath.


Shamanism Workshop 

Rhonda will lead you on a journey within using ancient & powerful techniques. Through your experiences with Rhonda you will be given tools to support you to overcome those health roadblocks with new & innovative daily practices. Caution: Working in sacred circle with Rhonda may cause transformation!

And we’ll have a few surprises along the way!

Booking Options

Including Payment Plans

Muirfield House is the hub of the day to day activities. Choosing shared accommodation in this beautiful home will allow you to make life long connections, share with a friend and always be close to both breakfast and the hot tub!

Munro Cottage is a short walk to Muirfield House, the hub of the day to day activities. Choosing a shared room in this beautiful cottage will allow you to make life long connections, perhaps share with a friend and also enjoy a quieter experience.

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